Whether you are just getting started as an agent or have been working in real estate for a long time, building a team is an important aspect to building your business. It can often feel like agents send business to lenders and title companies without getting business back. You can get a lot out of these relationships though if you make a plan to work together. Here are a few ideas on how to work together to get leads that can benefit both of you.

Open Houses

Lenders can sponsor your open houses by helping provide the food or activities such as a bounce house or food truck. They can of course help potential buyers see if they are qualified on the spot. If you do a lot of different pre-marketing such as postcards, dropping off flyers to neighbors or even running Facebook ads your lender can split the cost with you, help with printing or even help deliver the flyers. Of course your lender will expect equal billing on the marketing so it is a win-win for both of you.

Sponsoring Events

Events can get you in front of large groups of people that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to at such a low cost. Your lender can not only help with the marketing of the event but also help set up, check people in, and follow up on leads. Thinking outside of the box for things like a Free Family Photography event in your local park can attract hundreds of families with personal one on one time to get to know them and collect their information.

Marketing Materials

Your lender and title company can help you with marketing materials, printing, mailing lists and more. Many lenders partner with companies like ListReports.com to provide postcards, flyers, and even open house sign in sheets. If you want to market to out of state owners who are more likely to sell your title company can pull those addresses easily for you.

Unique Marketing

You don’t have to stop at the normal marketing ideas, maybe you want to start community videos but would be more comfortable on camera with a friend, grab your favorite lender or closer! Make a plan to introduce yourself to new businesses every Friday with a box of donuts and go together. Door knock in apartment buildings, or for sale by owners. Some things are just better with two people!

You’ll find that the lenders and closing people you work together with a lot will start trusting you and send you their referrals for family and friends as well, making the relationship a win-win all the way around. Have other ideas for working together? Let us know in the comments!

Misty Weaver

Misty Weaver is an agent in Virginia currently growing the Dream Weaver Team with Keller Williams all over the country. During her years of dreaming about becoming an agent she spent her time working in Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing as an affiliate marketer. She loves talking to people that want to become real estate agents!

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