Keller Williams Culture

Unlike a lot of agents, I haven’t worked in an office in almost 20 years, so when it came time to join a real estate brokerage I was looking for a broker that would allow me to do my own thing. Keller Williams did that, but then I learned that there was so much more. As you can imagine, with over 770 offices around the world, each one has their own feel, but with the KW Culture, we all benefit from mutual goals and standards. As I grew with KW and was invited to join the ALC (Agent Leadership Council) I started to really understand what culture means to the company and the agents.

As someone that has always given back in my own community through volunteering and serving on local nonprofit boards, one of the ways I wanted to grow my business was through helping other local businesses and services that help my community grow as well. Keller Williams encourages that spirit through many of it’s own systems.

Red Day

Each year since 2009 Keller Williams has specified a day where we all put down our cell phones and help some organization in our community. We often do this as a large group, or one on one with organizations we help throughout the year. You will see lots of photos of KW agents wearing Red Day shirts and painting, or cleaning throughout their community.

KW Cares

Each real estate agent runs their own business, but Keller Williams treats everyone like family. KW Cares is a 501(c) (3) publicly run charity that helps agents and families facing hardships such as rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina, tornadoes, or floods. I have watched our local offices bring water and much needed supplies after a flood in WV, not just to agent families but to the entire community, and help clean up. Agents can give into this fund directly from their earnings to help other agents, and can apply to receive funds when they are going through difficult times.

KW Family Fund

Real estate is an ever evolving business, and sometimes that business can take a nosedive through no fault of your own. This fund was created to help agents experiencing competitive disadvantages. It all started in 2013 when a large broker in Des Moines Iowa decided they would only offer $1 in commission to KW agents working with buyers. The fund has helped those agents continue to receive the commission they should have earned and stay in business until the matter is addressed. Knowing that Keller Williams creates programs to solve problems in unique ways is just one of the things I love about KW.

These are just a few of the culture programs and initiatives Keller Williams has in place. Yes, we all work for ourselves, but we are also a team and always helping other agents build their business! This really hit home for me one day when my teenage son texted me asking if I worked for Keller Williams. He had just watched a video of a blind gentleman that had received special glasses that helped him see. The glasses were about $15,000 and the money had been raised by Keller Williams, he thought that was pretty cool.

Win-Win: or no deal
Integrity: do the right thing
Customers: always come first
Commitment: in all things
Communication: seek first to understand
Creativity: ideas before results
Teamwork: together everyone achieves more
Trust: starts with honesty
Success: results through people