Why KW?

Just like applying for a job, there are many things to look at when choosing what brokerage to join as a real estate agent.

If you are just beginning your search into becoming a real estate agent, you probably don’t quite understand exactly what is involved in getting clients. Getting clients is your job, not showing houses, not writing contracts, etc, because without clients, none of those things will happen. Choosing a brokerage that increases your success rate by training you on how to get business is key. This is the number one reason to choose Keller Williams.

#1 in Training

Only 20% of real estate agents make it to their third year in business. That number is staggering, and the reason behind it is training or lack of training. If you are coming from the corporate world you know that no business would succeed without training their employees, and yet new real estate agents are often left to their own devices to struggle to develop their business. Since agents are independent contractors brokers cannot force agents to attend classes or meetings, so not all of it is on the broker, but most brokers simply don’t offer the training tools needed to succeed. Keller Williams is the #1 training company in the WORLD, and that is by design. Training Magazine releases The Training Top 125 rankings based on a myriad of benchmarking statistics such as total training budget, percentage of payroll, number of training hours per employee program, goals, evaluation, measurement, and workplace surveys, hours of training per employee annually, and detailed formal programs.

Commission Splits

Let’s get real, most of us get into real estate to have an opportunity at unlimited income. In the world of commission splits there is a brokerage that offers almost every combination of splits, desk fees and transaction fees. The big picture is looking at what you get for the fees and how much support you will have. Having a 100% commission split with just a transaction fee is great if you already know what you are doing, know how to get business and don’t have a ton of questions for your broker. That is probably not new agents. Keller Williams has a standard 70/30 commission split with a cap. Each year once you reach the cap you get 100% of your commission. Remember, 100% of $0 is still $0.


Though you do work for yourself as an agent, office culture can play a large part in the energy of your business. Keller Williams commitment to giving back to the communities and helping agents in need is incredible. You can read more about the culture here.


We’ve moved far beyond advertising houses in the newspaper. Keller Williams offers the technology for agents to compete in the marketplace. KW is always investing in new technology to keep you with the changing landscape of real estate. Learn more about the tech tools here.

Profit share

The one thing that sets Keller Williams apart is the profit share program. As independent contractors it is up to agents to save for retirement or continue working with clients as long as possible. Keller Williams has created a unique profit share program that encourages agents to help KW grow by splitting profits with them. Read up on how you can take advantage of profit share here.

If you are thinking about becoming an agent or switching brokerages and considering Keller Williams, I would love to talk to you!