Mark King team leader at Keller Williams Chesterfield talking about open houses. Learn how they turn one open house into 7 transactions! See below the video for the transcript and full scripts they use!

First, NO showings until the open house. This drives up the population at open house. Second thing they do is call every house within a 2-mile radius or up to 200 houses. Here is the script they use on the phone:

“I know as an expert in real estate in your area that you have a vested interest in keeping values high, therefore I would love to have your opinion on our price and condition at this Sunday’s open house at 1 p.m. Can I count on you to come by and give you give your opinion?”

Everyone loves to give their opinion so that drives up the traffic in the neighborhood! The second they do is they door knock with the same script, and a flyer to hand out that has the script. When knocking 22 out of 100 doors will answer for you.

Then send out postcards before the open house to 200 homes.

If you did that what type of attendance would you expect at your open house? We average 60 at every open house. And if 60 people are in your neighborhood you will notice right? Right.

The concept is to follow up the next week with the exact same activities. We’re going to call the neighborhood, we’re going to door knock with a flyer, and we’re going to send postcard with a different script that goes like this:

“I wanted to thank you for helping us have overwhelming success and all the traffic that happened at our open house. Now we have a different problem. There’s so much interest in your neighborhood that now we have to find a more sellers. Who do you know looking to sell their home in your neighborhood?”

That is the second week script and how you turn one transaction into 7!

Misty Weaver

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