Using scripts can be a bit controversial. I am one of those people that doesn’t truly like scripts or even the idea of scripts, but when I break it down, I use scripts everyday. Scripts are just a way to help you feel more comfortable speaking with people, help you reach your goals, and keep you on track in conversation. If you are using scripts without making them your own, without feeling what you are talking about, that is when things fall apart and scripts get a bad reputation. This can happen quickly in real estate if multiple agents are using the same script and calling on the same people, like FSBO’s and expired listings. Imagine your house going off market because it didn’t sell (ouch #1) and then getting 30 or MORE calls from real estate agents that say the EXACT SAME THING. Yea, that is ouch #2, anyone would want to smack their head into a wall at this point. So what can we do?

Make Scripts Your Own

Yes, scripts work because they are tried and true, but that doesn’t mean you have to say them word for word. Change the wording, change the emotion, do something that puts your personality into the conversation, and don’t be afraid to connect with the person on the other end of that conversation instead of just moving right into the next part of the script. The script is meant to help you build rapport, not run over someone.

Practice, Practice, Practice

This is big in the beginning, especially for things like handling objections. Knowing what to say is just half the battle, being able to say it smoothly and naturally is even more important. Practice with a friend, a spouse, or another agent. Most successful agents practice daily. Do it in front of a camera so you can see your facial reactions and voice inflection.

Come from Contribution

The easiest thing for me to get comfortable with scripts is to always start with an offer, whether I am door knocking or calling someone, I try to have something I can offer them to break the ice, such as a market report or neighborhood newsletter. I don’t like feeling like I am approaching someone just to get something from them.

Finding Scripts

So here are a few of my favorite places to find scripts for all sorts of real estate scenarios online. You will find scripts for open houses, expired listings, FSBO’s, objections, and more.

Mike Ferry
The Real Estate Trainer
Realtor Mag
Julie Youngblood Coaching
Tom Ferry Objection Scripts

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