Real estate is a relationship business, so connecting with people continually throughout the year through a farming community is the perfect way to grow your business. After you have chosen a farm area, create a plan to get in front of them as often as possible. The usual advertising avenues should be in play such as newsletters, postcards for just listed and sold properties, Facebook ads, etc., but if you have chosen your farm correctly you have a great opportunity to connect in even better ways. Think about adding these ideas to your marketing plan:


Events are a great way to get one on one time with a large number of people, and partnering with a lender or title company can help you budget for more things throughout the year and help the event run smoothly.

Fall Fest – pumpkin painting, hayride, trunk or treat
Breakfast with Santa
Outdoor Movie Night
Family Photos in the Park
Pool Party
Easter Egg Hunt
Craft Day/Fair
Mommies and Mimosas
Scavenger Hunt
Art Fair
Chili Cookoff
4th of July Block Party
Ice Cream Social

Your community may already do some of these events, so you can think of ways to piggy back on them for maximum exposure. I do our free ice cream social at the Labor Day party where we already have live music and events going on (that I didn’t pay for!)


Pop-bys are just little packages you can create around a holiday or local event to keep your name in front of your farm. There are lots of ideas from sparklers for the 4th, to hot cocoa mix at the start of winter. You can find a ton of ideas on Pinterest!

Getting Leads

As you are putting events together it is important to think about ways you can collect leads so you can follow up with people that attend. You don’t want something that is pushy, but you do want to have an end goal. You could have advance RSVP ability to get something special, or even collect information to send them something like photos from the event. Popbys can be a bit harder, but you can certainly come up with ways to make them want to contact you when they receive it. For instance, I participate in our town Easter Egg hunt. Inside of the Easter eggs is a little note with a code they can text to me in order to get an actual small basket filled with candy. My CRM (Liondesk) pulls all of their contact information from their cell phone number! Then I get to meet them when they pick up their basket.

Create Buzz

Photo booths or even just a large Instagram photo border cutout could help spread photos and feedback about the event to larger numbers of people other than who attends. Have small giveaways for people that check into the event or share a hashtag on a social media site. This won’t always be possible or even appropriate, but can really get a lot of views for certain events like a costume party.

Have other ideas on how to connect with your farm community? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Misty Weaver

Misty Weaver is an agent in Virginia currently growing the Dream Weaver Team with Keller Williams all over the country. During her years of dreaming about becoming an agent she spent her time working in Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing as an affiliate marketer. She loves talking to people that want to become real estate agents!

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